Orthodontics Best Dentist Near Me in Greeley CO Luker Dental Dr David Luker ddsWelcome to Luker Dental, the best orthodontic office in Greeley. Dr. David Luker is here to answer any questions you may have and ensure your entire family has healthy teeth, including your teens, who may have teeth that need help growing correctly and staying straight.


What is an Orthodontist?

An orthodontist is a dental specialist who diagnoses, treats, and prevents orthodontic problems. People with orthodontics often need braces to help straighten their teeth. Teens are often associated with braces, although orthodontists treat many dental conditions across many different ages.


What Can You Expect When You See an Orthodontist? 

You can expect a comprehensive evaluation that includes a review of your medical history, orthodontic history, and dental history. You will also have a clinical examination of your teeth and jaws. If necessary, we will take x-rays to help Dr. Luker determine the best treatment plan for you.


How Should My Kids and Teens Care For Their Teeth?

Dr. Luker can recommend the best type of braces for your child or teen’s dental condition and some helpful tips and tricks on caring for braces and keeping them clean.

Especially if your kids have braces, they should regularly brush and floss, visiting the dentist every six months. They should limit sugary drinks and snacks, especially things like sticky candies, which can stick in the braces.

There are different braces types, some being easier to clean than others. For example, you can remove clear aligners when you need to clean them.


What are Clear Aligners? 

Clear aligners are orthodontic appliances that we use to straighten teeth. They are made of clear plastic and are nearly invisible when worn. Because of their discreet nature, many adults and teens prefer clear aligners over alternative orthodontic solutions.


What are Traditional Braces? 

Traditional braces are orthodontic appliances that consist of metal brackets and wires. They are the most common type of orthodontic appliance.

They require periodic adjusting by Dr. Luker. He will work with you to schedule various checkup appointments, during which he can ensure your teeth are moving in the right direction and that you are comfortable with how the treatment is going.


Clear Aligners vs. Traditional Braces

Clear braces can be more expensive than traditional braces, but many people prefer them because they are less visible. Clear braces also require fewer adjustments than traditional braces.

Clear braces are removable, so they are easier to clean than traditional braces. However, cleaning traditional braces is relatively easy, and there are specialized cleaning tools that can help.

Both clear and traditional braces require a similar amount of time to complete treatment, but the time can vary from patient to patient. With clear aligners, you should keep them in your mouth for most of the day, removing them when brushing, eating, and drinking.


At What Age Should My Child See an Orthodontist? 

Most orthodontists recommend that children see an orthodontist by the time they are seven years old. However, some orthodontists recommend that children see an orthodontist as early as three or four. Contact us to set an appointment, and we’ll help you determine when your child should start any treatment. 


Luker is the Best Greeley Orthodontist

Dr. David Luker received his Bachelor’s degree from Brigham Young University in 2008 and graduated from the University of Southern California School of Dentistry in 2014.

He and his wife have five lovely, lively children. Family time is the ideal time for Dr. Luker, and he also enjoys being outside. He is bilingual in English and Thai, and his personal best is 11 minutes 39 seconds in Super Mario Brothers.


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