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Periodontal disease or periodontitis is the leading cause of tooth loss among adults. This disease ranges from inflammation of the gums to a serious infection. It can damage the soft tissues and the jawbones that support our teeth. At Luker Dental, we help our patients remove the disease in the early stages to prevent permanent damage. Our dental professionals are trained to provide the highest quality of periodontal care and treatment.


What Causes Periodontal Disease?

Like many issues in our mouth, lack of oral hygiene causes periodontal disease. When we fail to brush and floss our teeth, bacteria, known as plaque, starts to build upon the teeth and at the gum-line. If not removed, plaque build-up can start irritating the gums. This creates the first stage of the disease labeled gingivitis. 


Dr. Luker and his team treats and eliminates gingivitis through professional deep cleaning. The deep cleaning removes the plaque. If not treated and plaque hardens into tartar, an infection can form. The infection increases and spreads further down the gum tissues and into the bone. More severe stages, periodontitis, need extensive treatment for removal. 


Periodontal Care and Treatment

For gingivitis, the dental team can remove the infection. Yet, with periodontitis, the patient needs more extensive work. It may take many appointments to completely get rid of the disease. We offer treatments in our office such as: 


Scaling & Root Planing. Using a scaler, the hygienist or the dentist will remove hardened tartar. Root planing is like scaling, yet the dental team scales underneath the gum-line. This removes the tartar from the root under the gumline. Removing tartar prevents extra build-up and promotes gum tissue health. It also promotes reattachment to the tooth. 


Gum Grafting. When a periodontitis is severe, it eats away at the gum tissue leaving the tooth root exposed. Gum grafting can replace unhealthy tissue with healthy tissue. This healthy tissue is usually taken from another place in your mouth. 


Dental Implant.  If untreated, tooth loss can occur due to a lack of support from the gum tissue and bone. To restore your smile after tooth loss, a permanent option is a dental implant. A healthy jaw bone will support a titanium post and porcelain crown.  


Come see Us 

Periodontal disease can start with a small amount of gum tissue irritation. It can grow into a serious issue. This disease can risk your oral health and can cause serious systemic problems. These include strokes, diabetes, and heart disease. We urge all our patients at Luker Dental to perform excellent oral hygiene. Additionally, come to see us when a problem, even if it’s small, arises. 


Contact us today if you believe you are experiencing any signs or symptoms of periodontal disease. We would like to set up an appointment to see our professional.