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Preventative dentistry focuses on maintaining good oral health. Sealants cost less than fillings, which cost less than crowns which… you get the picture. We focus on preventing problems and catching issues before they really begin, saving you money and your teeth! At our office located in Greeley, Colorado, we offer many preventative dentistry services. We encourage patients of all ages to seek preventative dentistry services! 


Our Preventative Dentistry Treatments

Our trained and educated team at Luker Dental understands performing preventative dental treatments. We can help you learn more about how to improve your oral hygiene at home. In our office, we recommend the following preventative services to each patient: 


Bi-Yearly Cleaning & Examination 

The CDC recommends that individuals should visit a dental professional every 6 months. This starts at the time of their first tooth or when they turn one. During regular cleanings and checkups, your teeth undergo a deep cleaning. We remove plaque and possible tartar.


 Once teeth are clean, Dr. Luker will examine your teeth to ensure that there is no cavities or decay. Staying up-to-date with your regular cleanings will help you prevent serious health issues. 


Digital X-rays

To provide our patients with the best dental care, we offer the option of digital x-rays. X-rays in dentistry help Dr. Luker see small decay, so he can perform restorative dentistry. 


Dental Sealants 

Our back molars, due to their deep pits and fissures, are at great risk of accumulating food and bacteria. This bacteria can cause cavities. For adults and especially children we recommend a dental sealant. This will help seal off pits and fissures to reduce the risk of cavities. This quick and efficient treatment can help protect your teeth for years.



The natural mineral, fluoride, allows us to strengthen the enamel of our teeth. In our office, we offer a fluoride varnish for your entire smile. It is usually placed after regular cleanings. We also encourage our patients to use fluoridated toothpaste to strengthen their teeth.


Protecting your Teeth at Home 

We do our best to help educate our patients on how to best take care of their teeth to prevent decay at home. Preventing oral issues starts with excellent, at-home, oral hygiene. If you would like more tips on how to better your oral hygiene, any member of our staff would be more than happy to help. 


Contact our Preventative Dentistry Professionals

Preventative dentistry can save you time, pain, and money. Each member of our team at Luker Dental is here to help you achieve the healthiest smile possible! Please call us or stop by our office for any questions or concerns. We would love to talk to you.