Third Molars 

Wisdom Teeth Removal Luker Dental dentist in Greeley Colorado Dr. David LuckerWisdom teeth, also known as third molars, are our last permanent teeth to erupt. They erupt around the ages of 17-25. Because they are our last teeth to erupt, there isn’t always enough space for them. This can lead to impaction. At Luker Dental, we inform our patients on third molars and Dr. Luker may need to remove them. 

At our Greeley, Colorado office, we do panoramic x-rays for teenagers and young adults. This is before third molars have erupted. Knowing their development will help decide if they need it or when Dr. Luker can remove them. 


Wisdom Tooth Extraction 

Third molars, if untouched, could start to erupt and cause serious pain and damage. An impacted wisdom tooth is either partly erupted or buried under the gum tissue. When this happens, it is common to experience swelling, pain, or infection. 

A molar appears impacted in different ways. With vertical impaction, there is enough room for the tooth. Mesial and distal impactions will cause the tooth to hit the nearest tooth’s root or the back of the mouth. 

The American Dental Association recommends that patients between the age of 16-19 get evaluated. This is the perfect time for the dentist to check them for wisdom teeth removal. Dentists prefer this time because the roots of the teeth have not developed. This makes removal easier.

Removing your wisdom teeth can prevent you pain and future restorative procedures.


When Not to Extract

 Although for the most part, it is best to have all third molars extracted. In some instances, full eruption is okay, these include:  

  • If a patient is missing a second molar. The third molar could erupt and fill in the place of the missing molar. 
  • There is a significant amount of space behind the second molar. This gives the third molar space to erupt. This can only happen in a vertical wisdom tooth eruption. 

For a consultation, we urge you to contact our office and schedule an appointment to see Dr. Luker. With a simple panoramic x-ray and examination, he will be able to help choose the best option. Located in Greeley, Colorado, we are currently accepting new patients! We look forward to seeing you.